Online Ticketing and Tools


North Dakota One Call proudly announces its most powerful digital ticketing solution yet: ITICnxt. Our user-centered software development method produced a digital ticketing experience tailored just for you. From the intuitive interface to the enhanced intelligence locating tools, ITICnxt sets the standard for precision, quality and ease of use.

There are several benefits to using ITICnxt:


Map excavation areas more accurately.


Process multiple projects in a single session.


Get marking instructions, driving directions and more.

Click here! to try it out.

IMAP (For Utilities)

North Dakota One Call has a tool designed to make maintaining your notification database easier. In essence, IMAP is an online tool that allows you to access and review your database, modify it as you see fit and queue the changes for activation on a date you determine.

You have all the tools at your disposal that are available in the one call center. The only difference is you can use them any time you want, day or night.

Documentation is available online and training and support is available through the North Dakota One Call Center.

To utilize IMAP please contact Austin Saling at

Ticket Search

To view your tickets, check the status of a particular ticket, or to search for a ticket number click HERE.

Ticket Check

How does it work?

  1. Excavator notifies ND One Call and describes their dig area.
  2. Ticket logged into computer and set to member utilities and Ticket Check system.
  3. Each member utility determines the proper response to locate ticket and communicates their response to the Ticket Check system.
  4. Ticket Check closes the loop by sending a notice to the excavator with the status that has been supplied by each member utility. Before even visiting the job site, the excavator has a record of the action each utility took.

… responses are stored and can be recalled and viewed with the ticket at anytime.

Infographic of the Ticket Check process

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