Planning a Do-It-Yourself Project?

Are you planting a tree? Digging a hole for a mailbox? Installing a fence? Remember to contact North Dakota One Call! There are several utility lines buried on your property: electric, telephone, gas or propane, water, sewer and cable TV. The first step to any project is safety. Damaging an underground facility can cause injury or even death. Contact North Dakota One Call, and we will contact the utility line owners to locate their lines. It’s free, it’s simple and it’s the law.

  • To do your locate request by phone, call 800-795-0555 or 811.
  • To do your locate online, click HERE.
  • You can help: white lining your dig site improves accuracy to the utility locate.


Private facilities are the sole responsibility of the homeowner/excavator.

These locates do not include any lines you may have installed to your private facilities (i.e. gas grills, detached garages, wells, yard lights, etc.).

What Do the Marks in My Yard Mean?

Image of the Color Codes