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Private Line Locator Directory

North Dakota One Call is compiling a directory of private locators to help excavators, landowners, and homeowners dig safely. The directory will be a resource for anyone needing to locate a private line. This directory is intended to fill the need created by the fact that utilities only mark the lines they own and maintain. Utilities are not required to mark any private lines, such as:


  • Sprinkler systems
  • Lines going to fire pits
  • Electric lines after the utility meter
  • BBQs
  • Pool heaters
  • Etc.

It is the responsibility of the person conducting the excavation to notify the owner of digging near private lines. The owner of the private line is responsible for determining the location of those lines.


North Dakota One Call does not recommend, endorse, or in any way guarantee the services of the companies listed in this directory.


Click Here to provide information on private locators for the directory


Questions or concerns regarding private line locating can be directed to Ryan Schmaltz at

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