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You can also file your locate requests 24/7 using our ITIC system by clicking the appropriate link on the home page!

Interactive ITIC Training

Contact Ryan Schmaltz at to request access to the interactive training or to schedule a webinar or in-person training.


Interested in learning about ITIC or learning how to use ITIC Mapping? Try out the new ITIC interactive training! Contact Ryan Schmaltz by emailing him below.



North Dakota One Call proudly announces its most powerful digital ticketing solution yet: ITICnxt. Our user-centered software development method produced a digital ticketing experience tailored just for you. From the intuitive interface to the enhanced intelligence locating tools, ITICnxt sets the standard for precision, quality and ease of use.


There are several benefits to using ITICnxt:



Map excavation areas more accurately.


Process multiple projects in a single session.


Get marking instructions, driving directions and more.


Click here! to try it out.


IMAP (for utilities)

North Dakota One Call has a tool designed to make maintaining your notification database much easier - IMAP is an on-line tool that will allow you to access and review your database, modify it as you see fit and queue up the changes for activation on a date you determine.


You have all the tools at your disposal that are available in the one call center – the only difference is you can use them any time you want to, day or night.


Documentation is available on-line and training and support is available through the North Dakota One Call Center.


IMAP will put your entire database in your control, any time of the day or night!


To utilize IMAP please contact Austin Saling at

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